Dr David Leaf

Dr David Leaf Dc, DIBAKDr. David Leaf D.C. DIBAK

Dr. David Leaf is a chiropractor and has been in practice for over 30 years. He currently is the president of the International College Applied Kinesiology and has lectured in United States, Canada, Europe, Australia on the application of muscle testing for different disorders.

He has treated Olympic athletes, world champions and professional players in the NFL, NBA and NHL and was on the medical staff of A.C. Milan of the Italian soccer league. He is one of the best integrated practitioners and muscle testers in the country utilizing a highly innovative treatment combination consisting of structural and chemical protocols to fix complicated disorders

Dr Leaf brings his experience treating these athletes to his patients. He believes that each person has to become actively involved in their health care.

You will become actively involved in your health through specific exercises for your problem, lifestyle changes and nutritional or diet suggestions.

As a sought after practitioner and lecturer, Dr Leaf has amassed an incredible wealth of information and resources through his practice and on-going research. This site will house many of his best and most popular products. Various media, text, audio and video will be displayed showcasing the acquired content from the three decades of service to patients and professionals alike.

Dr David Leaf would like you to return often to see the latest developments and many rare works, from one of  the foremost integrated practitioners.